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We have seen some discussion on the Bango Forums about the way we register first time users. We thought we would take this opportunity to give you some detail of our reasoning behind the system. 

Where Bango can’t detect a unique user who is accessing premium or restricted content we do have to ask for additional information for the user to identify themselves.  The first time registration process happens for less than 30% of all registered users.  For more information on how we identify users refer to our Knowledgebase article ( )

We’d prefer not to have to ask the user to register but we have to when there is no way to automatically identify them.

We have optimized the first time registration flow over many years based on user testing, feedback and our access logs.

At registration we often know the user’s mobile phone number, but might need to ask some users to enter this.  The email address is optional, but recommended as it helps us help the user, should they contact our Support team later.  A 4 digit passcode for access is automatically generated.  From our extensive testing and feedback we realised that users preferred to be given the four digit passcode, rather than having to think of one. This is the same way banks work when issuing credit or debit cards. The user can change it if they need.

Once the user is registered, it’s unlikely that they’ll need to log-in again in future because we’ll have stored a cookie on their phone.  This really is a one-time process for most users.

Why do we ask for an email address?

The reason for an email address is that the user may need to be reminded of their passcode or may need help from a content provider if they’ve had a problem with a download. 

The user can change their passcode or email address at any time in “My Options” of
We recently added support for sending a user their passcode by SMS (where available) and we also automatically respond to help requests where the user needs help with their passcode.  So they get immediate help rather than having to wait for a call center agent to assist them. 

By asking for an e-mail at first time registration the user has the option to provide their email address for support.  We did use to have an explanation of why we asked for the email address but we removed it from the page. The reason being that for many users English is not their first language so by cutting the text down to optional meant that it was actually easier to explain.  55% of users have chosen to enter their email address  – some of whom are in countries where SMS cannot reach them, so email is the only communication channel available.

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