Transcoding – share your experiences

Transcoding won’t go away……the VF UK situation is largely under control.  However, as reported in a recent blog, sister company Vodafone Spain is now experiencing various problems that appear to be transcoding related. 

Some urls are getting tampered with so some sites simply aren’t getting returned. Again, we are working with both the network and the solution provider (Openwave) to try to fix these issues. As a temporary solution we are feeding the URLs of our content providers to VF ES so that they are whitelisted and exempt from the transcoding.

We have already sent the first batch and those URLs should have been included in the list by now. If you are still getting the Vodafone header and footer that will indicate that your site has not been included and Vodafone users may not be able to purchase your products.

If you are promoting to Vodafone Spain users, please send an email to with the subject “Vodafone Spain Whitelist” with the details of the URLs you want to include. You only need to send us the domain and subdomain, if exists.

i.e. If you have the URLS

You only need to include the generic

Similarly if you are still seeing any  outstanding problems on your VF UK WAP sites then please report to us and we’ll escalate.

 We would love to hear your thoughts and personal experiences of the transcoding issue. There are several threads in the new ‘Network Operators’ area of our Forum already discussing the subject.

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