Great progress for Vodafone Spain transcoding issue

As last blogged in November, Vodafone Spain customers have recently been experiencing issues when browsing the mobile web due to sites being transcoded.

The good news is that we are now seeing nearly all Vodafone Spain page requests coming into Bango directly from their WAP gateways rather than from transcoding servers.

This means that user identification is now working again, and m-pay transaction levels have returned to the levels we were seeing before the transcoding issue arose.

We have closely monitored VF ES traffic and this massive improvement has been constant since 24th December.

 Although this is clearly great news, we are still seeing around 10% of page requests from VF ES coming through transcoding servers. So there is still some work to be done, and we are continuing to talk with VF ES to achieve 100% of traffic.

Additionally, we have heard that OpenWeb, who supply the transcoding technology for Vodafone ES, are very close to releasing a new version of their transcoder. This version is fully mobile friendly and will make white-listing redundant. We will keep you updated with any developments as we hear them.

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