Important marketing opt-in news – act before March 10th

If you rely on the post-payment marketing opt-in page to collect marketing information then you need to act soon.

As a Bango customer you already benefit from the new Payforit v1.3 scheme rules. As part of these rules it is no longer mandatory to display the marketing opt-in page to your users after they have made a payment. So we are changing our flow so that this extra page will NOT be displayed by default. This will keep the payment flow clean and speed things up for your customers.

 If you are currently making use of this page to collect marketing opt-in information you will need to explicitly tell us that you want to display the page before Monday 10th March.

This is simply a case of logging in to your Management Tools and clicking on the Properties tab. You can then explicitly choose to always display the opt-in page under “Marketing opt-in prompt”.

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