Improved account management for your customers

Our drive to improve the experience we offer your customers continues this week with a revamped and much improved account management area.

Your customers currently visit ‘My Options’ on their mobile at to manage their Bango account and discover a range of useful information such as their user ID, their payment history and their subscription status.

When the upgrade goes live later this week, ‘My Options’ will be renamed ‘My account’ and will be reorganised and streamlined to provide a more user friendly experience. This will help you provide better support to your customers as they will have the information they need at their fingertips.




The changes include:

  • Improved navigation (including ‘bread crumbs’ to easily move back to the previous page)
  • More information (including phone type, e-mail, date account was created)
  • Logical grouping into 3 sections (Payment, Setting, Activity)
  • A clearer layout (e.g. use of icons and divider images)

Also the user’s history has been split into two sections – ‘Payment history’ and ‘Recent history’. This allows the user to easily distinguish between pages they have visited and things they have paid for.

The subscriptions area has similarly been revamped. As well as the improved navigation, a count of the user’s active and cancelled subscriptions will be displayed at the top of the page.


 Click ‘+more’….


We would recommend that you take the chance to familiarise yourself with the new My Account area once it goes live later this week. When dealing with your customer queries you will be able to offer great service if you can easily guide your users to the information you need from them on

Remember that they can manage subscriptions, set spend limits, view their payment history, find out their User ID and all sorts of other information that will help you diagnose and solve their query.

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