New Relay guide – now available

We have just put the finishing touches to our new Bango Relay integration guide. 

So be sure to have a read if you are using the Relay feature, or are thinking about using it to do any of the following:

  •  Set prices and currencies dynamically
  •  Use just one Bango Number to charge for multiple items of content
  •  Get the user ID in real time to track repeat users
  •  Protect against fraud by using security tokens
  •  Find out the exact amount you will earn for a transaction in real-time
  •  Have the customer’s mobile network and region returned to you in real-time
  •  Customise the payment flow dynamically

We hope you will find it useful and easy to read. As always if you have any feedback then please let me know over on the forum.

Don’t forget to watch the Relay tutorial video too.

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