Track your Google Campaigns Using Bango

You may have heard that Google will refuse tracking links as a destination URL in their system if they don’t match your own domain.  In fact, Google do allow tracking links as long as the user experience is as expected. So as long as a user clicks on a link to your site and ends up on your site Google are not worried if the user passes through Bango for tracking along the way. As Bango does not display anything when we track the user there is no need for you to use any cunning tricks such as setting up a dummy page on your site that re-directs.

1. Sign in to your AdWords account at

2. Click the campaign that contains the ad group in which you will create a mobile text ad.     (standard edition)

3. Click the appropriate ad group.

4. Select the Ad Variations tab.

5. Click the Mobile text ad link at the top of your ad

6. *Give the URL as the destination URL and make sure the link is U rated in Bango        so we do not display a login page for adult verification 

7. Display url- Url you want your users to see

8. Click Save Ad.

9. Wait for approval from Google


* In Bango here’s how to add a new link to track:

1. Log in to the Bango Management Tools and select your package

2. Click on the “Content” tab, then on “Add new content” 

Set up the link you wish to monitor

1. Choose a recongnizable title – perhaps the name of the campaign (e.g. “My Google campaign”)

2. Enter the URL for the landing page – where you want visitors sent (e.g. the URL the ad points at)

3. Click ‘Create Bango Number’ – you will be given a Bango link (URL) to use on the ad or search site

4. Assign the U rating to the Bango link (URL)

5. Hit save 

Add the Bango link to the “destination url field”

1. Copy the Bango link, this monitors the link to your landing page and is ready to use

2. Add the Bango link to the “destination url field of your mobile ad”

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