AT&T have been phasing out their Cingular branding and to reflect this we have now merged the 2 networks in our system. We have deleted the CINGULARUSA network – we now only refer to the ATTUSA network.

All Cingular accounts are now referred to as ATTUSA in our system. This will have no effect on AT&T users, they will still see on-bill payment and PSMS if you are enabled for these payment methods. There will also be no impact on you as a content provider. If you are using either our Relay or Identifier service to get a user’s network in real-time then you will find that you no longer see users coming in under CINGULARUSA. Those users will show up as ATTUSA. As the two networks are identical this should have no impact on how you handle these users, you will just see more ATTUSA users coming through.

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