Vodafone UK – New Payforit Requirements

Vodafone UK has published an update to its Code of Practice, which effectively mandates the Payforit user experience and scheme rules for all WAP services.

Vodafone’s approach is to require that any WAP service must be billed through Payforit from now on. The single instance exception to this is if the subscriber has sent a text message (an MO message), receives a link back to their phone and then makes one or more purchases during the same connection session. In this case it is permitted to bill them using an MT premium rate message.

The requirement to use MT in this way is that this MO “discovery” message must happen each time, so the fact that your customer has texted in at some point in the past does not mean it is permitted to bill them through MT in future, unless on each occasion they have sent a new MO discovery message.

This approach is similar to that adopted by T-Mobile UK, who last September required all services to bill through Payforit wherever the user browsed-in to that service. In effect, this is saying that the only exception is where you can unequivocally show that the user texted-in to reach the service on the specific occasion you billed them outside of the Payforit it flow.

We believe that the best response to this requirement is to implement the Payforit flow for all WAP services. If you have specific services that you would like to be exempt from this requirement because they meet the exception requirements, please inform Bango customer services straight away.

The one issue that we are challenging regarding this new requirement is about timing. Vodafone have asked for all existing services to be updated accordingly by today (note that we only received notification shortly after 5pm on Friday last week). While this doesn’t affect many of you already running Payforit services on the Vodafone network, for those of you that want to make changes to your services to adopt the Payforit best practices we think it is far too short a notice period. We’ve asked Vodafone for a longer notice period and will contact you again with more news once we have it. In the meantime, please speak to us if you need help to prepare for any changes to your services, but don’t panic about today!


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