Some Do’s and Don’ts for your mobile site

We have recently seen some mobile websites that make it difficult for users to navigate and use. Our developers have listed a couple of Do’s and Don’ts for mobile websites listed below.

For more information please visit the Knowledgebase and look up the Answer number 843


  • Do use well formed markup and keep page sizes below 10KB where possible
  • Do optimize images for target devices
  • Do cache your pages on the device if your site is not very dynamic
  • Do use access keys and keep the amount of links you use less than 10 per page where possible
  • Do minimize your use of free text boxes in favor of radio button and drop down lists
  • Do test on emulators and real devices before going live, Device Anywhere is a good alternative if you do not have many real devices



  • Don’t use frames they do not work on most devices
  • Don’t use more than 3 redirects in a row, it will break the experience for some users
  • Don’t use auto-refresh, it will cost more for your users to use your site
  • Don’t use tables for layout, it will not display correctly on some devices.
  • Don’t use popup windows, they do not work on mobile devices.
  • Don’t use objects or scripts, most mobile devices do not support them

 If you have come across some other Do’s and Don’ts please post your findings onto the Forums.

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