Service update

The following service updates have been released:

Payforit V2.0
The scheme rules for Payforit V2.0 are now live. These changes include:

  • O2 no longer allows branding in the payment flow
  • New Payforit logos with the operator logo are shown on the payment page
  • For brandable payment pages the Payforit/operator logo is displayed under the Pay Now link.
  • The merchant customer care number is displayed on the payment page.
  • The UK operators now allow the marketing opt-in check box shown in the payment flow to be pre-checked. You don’t need to do anything as we simply just pre-check the box automatically for you in the future, if you’ve chosen to show the marketing opt-in prompt.
  • The post marketing opt-in page now shows the content providers branding instead of the Payforit logo.

Subscription billing
A subscription billing retry scheme is now live. For more information please refer to the knowledge base article.

Subcription Web services
The GetSubscriptionInfo method in the subscriptions web service now returns the “retryNumber” in the response.

AT&T Single click billing
The secondary AT&T buy link page has been removed from the billing flow, streamlining the payment experience for your users.

Privacy policy
If you require your own privacy policy for your customers you can now set this up using the Customer Care details in the Management tools on

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