Further increases to UK payout rates with Bango

Following the great news of increased payout rates for UK on-bill payments of £5 -£10 with Orange and Vodafone that we announced last Monday, we are delighted to announce that from today (3rd October 2008) the payout rate for £5 payments on-bill with O2 have also been increased.

The new rates are:



Payment Advantage and Payment Advantage UK

Payment World
and Payment UK



77.5% 73.5%


£1.50 – £4.99

68.1% – 72.1%


* Payment Advantage and Advantage UK rates vary according to the volumes of content sold.
* Long term customers with Target and Focus UK products get the same rates as Payment World.

With all the big UK operators now providing significantly higher payouts for content sold at £5 you have a good incentive to price your content accordingly. If you don’t have anything that can be delivered per download at that price point, then we would recommend considering subscription services or charging for timed access to your content – both methods are simple to set up and can bring great rewards.

At Bango we are constantly working to improve the payout rates you get and we hope to have even more good news soon.

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