Reminder: Section 4.8 Vodafone Premium Rate Code of Practice

Vodafone UK have noticed a number of marketing campaigns are still not compliant with the changes introduced regarding WAP push messages in August 2007. Please ensure that all marketing sent out via WAP push is compliant with section 4.8 (detailed below) with immediate effect.

4.8 WAP Push Marketing Messages
WAP push marketing messages must state in the title that they are free and identify the short code related to the service e.g. ?8xxxx: free message’.

Service providers should offer users a simple mechanism for opting out of receiving marketing messages. The service provider must select whether they achieve this by either one or both of the following mechanisms:

1. A short code to which the user can send a STOP command in order to unsubscribe from WAP marketing messages should be clearly available on the WAP page or site which could state ?to unsubscribe from receiving further messages send STOP to 8xxxx.? This should be located on the front page.

2. Recipients of WAP push marketing messages should be able to click a link on the WAP site to unsubscribe from receiving such messages. This should be located on the front page.

If you have any questions regarding this, please contact your account manager.

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