Vodafone UK announcement regarding charging

“Following the release of Trusted Mobile Payment Framework Scheme Rules version 2.0, we would like to clarify Vodafone’s position in respect of charging arrangements for in-browsing pay per view/page services.

 All Accredited Payment Intermediaries should note that in-browsing pay per view/page services must be managed via Payforit Single Click and cannot be set-up/charged under the guise of a Payforit Subscription Service.  Any service found to be using Payforit Subscriptions to initiate charging for pay per view/page content shall be deemed to be in breach of the Trusted Mobile Payment Scheme Rules and can expect further action to be taken by Vodafone.”

As a Bango Content provider, who has had a successful application for Single Click, you are complaint with the Operator requirements. More information can be found in the Bango Knowledgebase.

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