How we protect you from chargebacks

Chargebacks occur when a user has requested a refund from us or their credit card company for mobile content.


At all times, we try and keep chargeback’s to a minimum. With the help of the following:




This technology, unique to Bango, keeps track of all users using the Bango system to pay for content. So even if you are new to Bango, you already have the benefit of the BillRank™ technology on your side as it tracks all users, not just users that have purchased content from your site.


BillRank™ profiles users and ‘remembers’ their payment preferences, so we can offer them the payment method that suits them the most and that will lead to a successful purchase.


Payment flows


The payment flows are clear for the customer and adhere to all operator and regulator guidelines. We give pre warning to the customer of any charges and the cost of the content, before they confirm the purchase


By making the payment process and steps clear to the user so they understand the costs up front and not after they have purchased the content, helps with chargebacks as customers know what they are purchasing.


We also send a receipt to users if requested via email, so they can keep track of their mobile content purchases.


Chargebacks do occur from time to time, but as you can see, we do try and make sure that they are minimized.

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