How does Bango Analytics differ from other analytics products?

Bango Analytics is very different from most other web analytics solutions. Here are 5 important reasons for choosing Bango Analytics: 

1)       The importance of mobile – Bango Analytics excels at recording the best possible data about people visiting your websites from their mobile phones using WiFi, mobile broadband and other mobile network connections. Most traditional web analytics solutions are simply not built for today’s mobile world and cannot record the wealth of extra information now available – we ensure you have the best foundation on which to build your business. Only Bango has:

a.       10 years experience as a mobile web leader

b.       A unique solution with real-time data collection, enrichment and analysis using with the latest mobile technologies

c.       Over 8 years worth of analytics and mobile web payment data

d.       An extensive set of worldwide mobile industry partnerships to deliver the best information. 

2)       The importance of real-time information – Bango Analytics focuses on delivering precise, accurate data in real-time, letting you see in-depth results within minutes of them being recorded. This is very different from most other analytics products that make you wait days before you can learn from your recorded data. Bango lets you immediately see the impact of your marketing campaigns and website changes in real-time, allowing you to make changes fast to optimize spend and maximize your return.  

3)       The importance of preserving raw data – Bango Analytics always records and stores your raw event data, which gives you the flexibility to get any information you need across your entire history of stored data – now and in the future. In comparison, other web analytics products store aggregated data and deliver pre-generated reports. This may allow them to reduce their storage costs and deliver reports faster, but once they have aggregated your data, important information has been lost forever. Bango believes that accuracy of data and flexibility in reporting is paramount.  

4)       The importance of time – Bango Analytics gives you detailed hourly reporting. We also allow you to export minute–by-minute detail for analysis with your own reporting tools. Most other web analytics products can only provide daily granularity with no visibility for levels of activity during the day. With Bango you can easily see which times of the day your customers are most active and optimize your message and campaigns to optimize performance.  

5)       The importance of your customers – Bango Analytics puts your customer at the center and uses a persistent user identification system to ensure you get the best information and understanding about their behaviour, trends and requirements. This is reliable across multiple sessions from all mobile devices, not just smartphones and PC’s that support cookies. Most other analytics solutions focus on counting page views and rely on cookies to track visitors during a session. This approach is less accurate on mobile and fails to recognize the importance of individual customers visiting multiple times. 

By using our real-time Identifier API you can build the strongest possible relationship with each individual customer, personalize their experience, welcome them back, store their preferences and make them special offers.

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