Update your systems to accept 64-bit integers

We are now able to assign a unique identity to all the users that are visiting your site – whether they are purchasing content or just having a look around.

With the introduction of new identifier methods, we are able to track users that connect via WiFi, home broadband and operator gateways. No matter what connection they use, and if they choose to change their connection, we are able to retain their unique identity.

We are changing our platform to use 64-bit integers (from 32-bit) as this allows us to store information and report on a much larger number of users.

There will be no impact for end users, however you will need to ensure that your systems can cope with the larger User ID’s received from the Bango platform.

If you are using the Bango Identifier service, please make sure that your web application code has been checked and upgraded to ensure that it can accept and process 64-bit integers returned as Bango User IDs.

Once you have done this, you can enable support for 64-bit User IDs with the package property “Send Big User IDs” in the Bango.com Management Tools. This indicates to our platform that your sites are ready to receive the larger number type if we need to send it.

For further information on the change of User IDs to 64-bit integers visit our knowledgebase article.

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