Bango Identifier adds Biometrics (were you fooled?)

We will shortly be releasing the latest version of the Bango Identifier service and want to invite you to have a snfingerprint2eak preview.

Mobile device capabilities are expanding at a fantastic pace and our new Real-time User Fingerprint Identity Check (RUFIC) uses the biometric capability built into some devices to read the user’s fingerprint!

Visitors to your site simply hold their thumb or fingertip against the on-screen RUFIC box for a few seconds and Bango will store their identity in our database.

Next time they visit your site, they just touch the screen again and are instantly recognised! No need to type email or phone number.

Try a live demo now here:

Get On My Mobile - CLICK HERE!

Watch this space for more information on when the official release date is and let us know what you think of this great new feature.

Happy April Fool’s day everyone!!

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