New functionality to support Subscription renewals that fall after the 28th day of the month

If a subscription renewal date falls on the 29th, 30th or 31st of the month, the next month will potentially not have that number of days available. The current process is to renew the subscription on the closest date available and then continue to renew on the ‘new’ subscription date from then onwards.  

We have improved this functionality to allow renewal dates to be on the latest possible date of the month, closest to the original renewal date.

So for example, if a subscription started on the 31st January, the next renewal date will be in February, which does not have a 31st day. Our systems default the subscription renewal to the 28th of the month as there is no 31st day in February. In March the renewal date will then be on the 31st of the month as that is the original renewal date.

This feature is implemented automatically so you don’t need to do anything to your subscriptions to benefit.

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