What is innovative about operator billing on smartphones and over Wi-Fi using Bango Payment?

Bango Payment is the first billing solution to deliver true operator billing to smartphones via Wi-Fi and other non-operator network connections. True operator billing gives you significantly more succesfull sales than any other billing method because it automatically identifies your customers and allows them to pay with only a few simple clicks. The latest Bango Payment delivers this same promise and the same high conversion rates to all your smartphone and Wi-Fi customers.

In contrast, other solutions may place payments on the consumer’s mobile phone bill, but they force your customers into complex and greatly inferior payment experiences that require lengthy registration, login or complete phone numbers to be entered every time they wish to pay. This greatly reduces your sales success and causes significant customer confusion                                                                                           

Bango Payment uses our unique “Identifier” technology to deliver the same consistent operator billing experience to all your customers, independent of their phone or network connection. Displaying the same familiar payment experience has been proven to yield significantly higher sales conversion rates while building the best customer trust and satisfaction. Bango Payment focuses on getting your customer through the payment experience quickly, smoothly and consistently – this is one of our primary objectives. We do not force your customers to register or enter their phone number each time they wish to pay. They simply select an item in your store and confirm they wish to buy – just the same as when connected through the operator. This consistent approach delivers the full benefits of operator billing – it gives you the maximum number of successful sales and avoids confusion and care calls as your smartphone customer’s switch between operator networks and Wi-Fi.

 In the occasional instance that Bango cannot immediately identify your customer, we will ask them to send confirmation of identity. But we only ask them to do this once and it is achieved by clicking a link and sending a single pre-filled text message. Once identity is confirmed they can pay on their phone bill by simply clicking – just like everyone else. Bango only needs to identify consumers who have never used Bango before that connect via networks where authentication is not automatically supplied. This includes Blackberry’s connecting via RIM gateways, customers that have never connected via their operator network and web browsers connecting through servers like Opera Mini/Turbo, SkyFire.

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