Choose how often you display the marketing opt-in message

Don’t forget to change your marketing opt-in display frequency in the Bango management tools before the 1st August!

From the 1st August we are changing the default marketing opt-in message display, in the property settings of all Bango packages, to never.

The settings are currently set to show the marketing opt-in page to a user once (in the payment pages), so if you would like to keep this as the default, make sure you change this in the properties section before the 1st August.

With the introduction of the new marketing opt-in API method, you can display the opt-in message to users on other pages of your site.  It’s important that users don’t get a ‘double’ display from the payment page and potentially other pages on your site. To stop this we are changing the default to never.

This helps to streamline the payment pages and gets the user to their content as soon as possible, without any interruptions.

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