Virgin Mobile USA (VMU) compliance requirements

As you may or may not have noticed, from September VMU will now be conducting Message Flow Audits.

Some of the highlighted changes to the compliance procedures for VMU are listed below, but please contact your Bango Account Manager for more information.

  • From the 1st October 2009 all online advertising must disclose that “message and data rates might apply” (01/01/2010 deadline for all print, TV and Radio advertising).
  • In all messages to end users, the numerals 2 and 4 can’t be substituted for the words ‘to’ and ‘for’ in SMS messaging of any kind
  • Only monthly subscriptions are allowed on VMU
  • You must display PIN or response commands after the pricing information only
  • Display HELP contact information clearly
  • Display opt-out information clearly
  • For compliance purposes, Content Providers must submit a 24/7 manned email address to: so that communications can be received at all times from the VMU compliance team.
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