Are you unnecessarily redirecting smartphone customers to alternative payment methods?

With the latest Bango Payment technology, all your smartphones customers can simply pay on their phone bill, regardless of their network connection. This means there is no longer a need to redirect customers to alternative billing mechanisms, even customers connecting over Wi-Fi or from smartphones, such as a BlackBerry. Simply let Bango Payment take care of all your customers to get the best sales conversion rates.

And the best part is that you don’t need to do anything to benefit from this technology. Our system seamlessly detects customers using smartphones or WiFi and offers them the best method of payment, which in most cases will be the same operator billing experience.

Operator billing has proven to deliver the most convenient way for consumers to pay for content on their phone. But our research shows that delivering a consistent payment experience is a key factor in maximizing sales success. Consistency builds confidence for repeat sales as well as lowering customer care calls. With Bango your customers always get a quick, simple and consistent payment experience, helping you sell up to 25% more.

Have a look at the latest technology in action

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