Bango webinar recording – the US opportunity and how Bango can help get operator approval.

Thanks to all of you who were able to attend the webinar last week, we hope it was useful and informative.

For those who couldn’t make it, or if you want to listen again, here is the recording.

Keep a look out on the Bango blogs for information on future Bango webinars.

We had some good questions for our speakers, which are listed below.

Does Bango work with Verizon to get operator approval?

Yes, it’s a separate approval process and application form as its different from the other operators we work with.  Verizon doesn’t support dynamic downloads via MMS and therefore all billing needs to run on a PSMS basis. Simply contact Bango Customer Services for more information.

Why does the approval process take so long?

It’s important to get your site ready for the operators to check and this can take some time. The operator and MMA guidelines are quite strict and will reject sites on even the slightest alteration to their specifications.

Once the site has been checked by Bango the approval on the operator side can also take some time and it’s dependant on the operator.

As the timing can vary it’s also important not to commit to any marketing and advertising activities that you are planning for your site and content until you have received confirmation of your approval.

Are we allowed to use the word free on the site, even if we offer free and premium content?

No, the word free, or any other words that mean the same thing, are not allowed on your site. The reason for this is that no content is ever completely free as operator data charges may apply.

We recommend you use the word bonus as an alternative.

Can I use one Bango package for multiple sites and content?

We recommend you split your content into categories and use separate Bango packages for each, especially if you have a variety of content, for example: a games site and a glamour content site . The reason for doing this is to make sure that none of your users can get access to content that they should not be viewing.

Another reason for this is so that if any operators audit your sites and see something that has been omitted or included where it should not, they will shut down the whole package, and therefore if you have a few sites running from one package, you will get penalized across your whole package. By having separate packages your revenue loss will not be as great if this occurs.

How can we measure our success in the US?

As a Bango Payment customer you have access to the Bango Analytics data on your site and can measure up to 10 000 page and campaign tracking visits. This includes traffic from the US.  Here you will be able to determine how many visitors you have, what operators they are using, device and device manufacturer, just to name a few metrics Bango Analytics covers.


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