Bango Analytics maintenance

08:30 GMT: There was some maintenance done over the weekend of the 7-9th November on Bango Analytics reporting.

All data is still being recorded and is currently uploading onto the system. You may see a delay  in your data while the system updates.

15:30 GMT: Data from the weekend is now visible on Bango Analytics and today’s data is being uploaded now.

We will update the this post with more information as soon as possible.

12:00 pm GMT (10th November 09): The data for the 9th November is live on up until 9pm GMT.  We are continuing to upload the data and we’ll keep you updated with news via this blog.

11:30 am GMT  (11 November 09): The data for the 10th November has been uploaded up to 10pm GMT.  We expect to have the data uploaded and up-to-date within 12 hours.

We apologise for the inconvenience caused, and will continue to keep this post updated with any news.

09:00 am GMT (12th November 09): The data on Analytics is now up-to-date and everything is running smoothly.

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