Quickly grow your customer base with Bango Safe Subscriptions

Selling your content via a subscription service is the fastest way to build a loyal customer base. Here are 4 reasons why you should use Bango Safe Subscriptions.

  • The Bango system automatically renews your customer’s subscriptions and collects the payment
  • If a renewal fails, our system will automatically retry up to 7 times  – all depending on the reason for the failure.
  • Bango Event Notification lets you know when a new subscription is started or an existing subscription is renewed or cancelled – all in real-time. You can find out the current status of any subscription using our web services API.
  • As a Bango customer, you can rest assured that any changes in Operator subscription systems and policies around the world are automatically applied, ensuring you remain fully compliant at all times.

With the help of Bango Analytics you can see where your customers are in the world, making it easy to set subscriptions at the right prices in a range of currencies to suit their needs.

Read more about Safe Subscriptions and start building a reliable revenue base today.

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