AT&T service update

ATT has implemented a new policy for any service with chronically high refund rates. Effective January 31 2010, ATT will enforce a 30-day suspension for any service with a combination of a failed audit and a refund rate of 25% or higher. Here are the specific details surrounding the suspension of a code:

o No new subscribers will be added to the service during the suspension.
o Existing subscribers will continue to receive their content and bill as usual.
o During the 30-day suspension, Bango and Content Provider will provide a Root Cause Analysis (RCA) explaining the drivers behind the 25% refund rate.
o After all outstanding audits have been remedied and 30 days have passed, AT&T will allow the service to go live.

Bango will continue to work with you to reduce refunds and to maintain compliance for any service affected.

If you have any questions please contact your Bango account manager or the Customer service team.

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