AT&T changes to IQ quiz policies

AT&T have updated their IQ Quiz policy, click here for the complete policy.

This is a brief outline of what is detailed in the document:

  • Pricing disclosure – Pricing for mobile subscription service must be CLEARLY disclosed to the customer on both web-based and mobile-based mobile phone number submit page, PIN submit and opening (introduction page).  Note this is a change from the previously communicated policy which required pricing to be CLEARLY disclosed to the customer on EVERY web page.  Additional details are within the attached policy.
  • No tolerance for violation of compliance – If a campaign is found to be out of compliance, AT&T will immediately request the connected aggregator to shut down the affected short code such that no new opt-ins can be generated and queuing up of opt-ins while the service is suspended will be prohibited.  This shut down request must be completed within 1 hour of notification. If the short code is not shut down at the partner level, AT&T will decommission the short code entirely.
  • 3 Strikes – All campaigns/service codes that are requested to be shut down will remain suspended for a minimum of 10 business days regardless of root cause or circumstances.  The following “3 strikes” criteria will apply at the short code level:
    • 1st Offense – 10 business day shutdown
    • 2nd Offense – 30 business day shutdown
    • 3rd Offense – Immediate shutdown of short code on AT&T’s newtork (this will impact ALL campaigns on the given short code)
  • RCA requirements to turn back on – Details are within the attached policy
  • Overview of processes once RCA is received – Details are within the attached policy

AT&T strongly recommends that all like services (like web-based IQ Quiz and message-based IQ Quiz) disclose on phone number submit page an option to get quiz results without subscribing to mobile alert subscription service.  The option of getting the “Quiz Results” should be posted in a clear and conspicuous manner outside of the Terms and Conditions.

Click here for detailed information.

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