Expanding your service to other countries

Have you seen traffic from other countries in your Bango Analytics reports? Did you know that by integrating with us you can charge users based all over the world?

The Bango system takes care of all currency, country and operator payment flow requirements for you. The Bango Relay service, helps you charge for content globally by helping you manage your mobile content easily.

There are a few things to have a look at when expanding into a new market:

  • Does your site and content adhere to the operator and country guidelines for mobile content?
  • Do the operators in that country require operator approval for content to be charged on-bill? (Currently the only operators that require approval are based in the US)
  • Is your content rated correctly for that country?
  • Does your Bango Package offer the highest payout rates for that country? If not, simply upgrade through the management tools.
  • What is your advertising and marketing strategy for that country?

So what’s stopping you? Check out the Relay guide today and get started!

Tell us where you are advertising in the world or where you want to in the future.

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