Get more traffic and increase your mobile sales using these tips

  1. Start selling in more countries – expand quickly with no more integration/dev work needed
  2. Measure conversions using analytics and optimize campaigns
  3. Measure traffic on your site and optimize flows
  4. Sell your apps directly with Bango to get the best conversions rates
  5. Use Identifier and personalize your customer experience – make it more relevant and suggest more things to buy, measure the success with analytics.
  6. Run marketing campaigns to customers that have opted in (using the Campaign tool)
  7. Pass all traffic to Bango – don’t detect and block smartphones or Wi-Fi customers – we can bill them
  8. Brand your payment pages – make it look consistent and get more people completing the payment – use the Branding Wizard on the Management tools
  9. Price correctly for each market
  10. Keep services fresh and up to date for repeat or subscription users.
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