Adjust your browser settings to make Bango analytics quicker!

The Bango Management tools make use of a technology called AJAX.  AJAX is an acronym of “Asynchronous JavaScript And XML”. AJAX is a set of interrelated technologies that allows Bango Management tools to be more interactive by allowing data to be requested asynchronously without affecting the display or behaviour of the screen being displayed.

How will adjusting my browser make Bango quicker?

Different browsers place differing limits on the number of simultaneous connections that can be made to each server.  Popular browsers and their simultaneous connections limits are displayed below:

Browser:           Simultaneous Connections:
IE6 / 7                                    2
IE8                                           6
Firefox 2                                2
Firefox 3                                6
Safari 3 / 4                            4
Chrome 1 / 2                        6
Opera 9 / 10                        4

Some screens on the Bango Management tools (for example the site summary) may make as many as 13 concurrent requests.  For IE 6/7 the requests will be made two at a time, and subsequent calls will have to wait until the others have been completed.  This will make your experience slower.

One possible solution is to upgrade to a newer browser, for example Firefox 3.  This will make your overall internet browsing experience safer and more enjoyable. Remember, while you may need to keep a certain browser for internal reasons (for example, legacy systems), it is possible to have more than one browser installed on your system.

If you cannot upgrade or install a new browser it may be possible to edit the number of concurrent connections in Internet Explorer or Firefox (although it might be wise to speak to your systems department first) – for more information see the links below:

IE6 & IE7 –
Firefox –

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