Consistent operator billing – even over Wi-Fi connections

Bango’s ground breaking mobile payment solution allows all your customers to pay on their phone bill, regardless of what connection they are using. This means a customer that switches between their operator network and Wi-Fi always gets the same familiar payment screens – significantly increasing their chance to pay.

Bango Identifier technology uses multiple methods to reliably and accurately identify each of your customers. By combining exclusive network identity from a range of mobile partners with handset and connection information, data about historical purchases, visits to your website and campaign interactions, Bango Payment is able to ensure each customer receives the best on-bill payment experience for your apps and content – no matter how many times they decide to change connections.

Even brand new customers connecting over Wi-Fi for the first time can pay on-bill after a simple and secure, 2-step authentication. They are then automatically identified for future single-click purchases across all Bango enabled stores. Bango now identifies over 50 million consumers.

Fast, consistent payments across all devices, operators and network connections has been shown to dramatically improve sales success, as well as boost repeat sales and social spread. Because Bango identifies your customers and delivers the same payment experience across more network connections, only Bango can claim to deliver 25% more sales than anyone else.

You don’t need to do anything special to get 25% more sales, other than use Bango Payment. Simply pass us all your customers and we automatically give them the best payment experience and give you the highest possible conversion rate.

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