Boost your sales with Campaign™ – the first fully integrated text marketing tool

Marketing to your customers just got a whole lot easier, more efficient and cost effective. Start marketing to your customers today and grow your repeat sales by enticing them back with special offers or news about new products and services they may like.

Bango has partnered with MMP (the Mobile Marketing Agency) to bring you Campaign™ – an SMS marketing solution fully integrated with your Bango account. Sending marketing messages to your customers has never been so simple – Campaign™ automatically extracts the contact details for all your customers that have agreed to marketing. You just need to add your message and click send.

To get started simply log into the Bango Management tools and visit the Services tab. You’ll see a button to Launch Campaign™. It costs nothing to use Campaign™, you ou simply pay for the messages you send. Messages are priced from just 1.5p each and Campaign™ even gives you the first 60 messages for free – launch your Campaign™  today and start boosting your sales.

Remember to use Bango Analytics to accurately measure the effectiveness of your campaigns. Use campaign parameters on any links you send in your marketing messages and Bango page tracking code to record the results on landing pages.

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