How to reduce refund rates?

There are a few things you can do to try to reduce refund rates:

  1. Adjusting the product offer according to the feedback that you receive

This could include:

  • Decreasing the price of content to align it with the market
  • Always give the user information so they can cancel quickly and easily
  • Increase the  “perceived value” of your service
  • Offer a downgrade instead of refund
  • Reward loyal customers to keep them interested.

2. Change/update support details to enable customers to contact you directly for refund (rather than through operator/biller)

  • If a customer gets help from the right person or company that are best placed to fix their problem, generally their service experience is better. If this is the case, then they are less likely to ask for a refund. So where possible, ensure that you have your current contact details available to the customer. This will reduce the need to for the customer to go directly to the operator/billing aggregator for help.
  • Add your customer care details on any renewal messages (SMS), on your website as well as your WAP pages
  • Check to see what happens when customers “Google” the bill entry narrative. Make sure your contact details are easily available for customers to use straight away

What else can you do to decrease refunds? Let us know in the Bango Forums

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