Keep customers loyal and get repeat purchases

Here are a few ways to generate more sales and build purchasing profiles of your customers:

A great way of getting users to continue shopping and generate repeat purchases is by simply adding a link on the download page of your content, that entices users to ‘order more content’ or ‘carry on shopping’. This makes it easy for them to continue browsing and keeps them on your site.

By using the Identifier feature you can build up a profile of your repeat customers that will reveal purchasing patterns. Once you have built up profiles of repeat users you can potentially use the download page to offer them similar content or loyalty deals.

In any marketing campaigns you send out, especially if they are sms campaigns, include a link to your site or the specific content that you are promoting.  If you contact your users for support reasons make sure they can access your site easily by providing links on any correspondence they receive.

Do you have any other ways to generate sales? Let us know…

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