Sprint compliance requirements

Sprint have issued compliance reminders for the following categories:

Terms and Conditions

The offer and all terms and conditions must be clearly visible using only the default browser scroll bar. Disclosures cannot be truncated or obscured by the use of frames or secondary scroll boxes, and the block of terms and conditions text cannot be contained within a dedicated scroll box.

Stacked marketing

“Stacked marketing” is a deceptive form of advertising, refers to cross-selling of several PSMS promotions from the same or different sponsors, sometimes on multiple different shortcodes, within the same online user flow, whereby a customer is shown a series of offers in close succession, often with his or her mobile phone number pre-populated in subsequent pages. A Website’s initial pitch might solicit the customer’s number by offering “free” MP3s or ringtones, then cycle the customer through the series of offers before he or she can claim the free content.

Content Providers should not use this form of advertising on their sites as this violates these requirements from Sprint.

To stay compliant make sure that you site adheres to the above-mentioned policies.

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