New Code of Conduct for the UK mobile market

Proposed changes to the PhonepayPlus Code of Conduct taking place later on in 2010 will place emphasis on a desired outcome for an end-user versus the current method of having prescriptive rules governing the mobile industry.

The new code includes a proposed mandatory registration for all Premium services in the UK with PhonepayPlus to a central database, similar to the scheme currently running in Australia. This will ensure that users have easy access to content/service providers for information and queries, that registered business can complete due diligence on their partners easily and legitimate businesses will be highlighted to the mobile community.

On the other hand, a number of industry participants are concerned that such a requirement adds more friction in the process of launching services. Will it affect only services which charge to operator bills, so not iPhone apps, for example, or an app in the Blackberry App world that might be charged to a PayPal account, or to a phone bill, but the specific billing method is controlled by the store not the developer?.

Click here for more information on the proposed Code of Conduct. We will keep you updated on all changes that PhonepayPlus implement.

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