Charge users directly from your application or PC using Bango’s Direct billing API

We have introduced an exciting new service whereby you can charge your users directly from your PC or application! The new Direct billing web service API lets you setup and control the payment flow on your site, and then simply call the Bango servers securely to collect payment, without directing the user to a new browser.

Here are some common questions about the new Direct Billing web service API:

What is the payment experience for users paying from my application or PC website?

The payment experience is completely hosted by you, so the flow is in your control, you simply collect payment in a secure server-to-server call using the Bango Direct Billing API.

As you are in control of the payment experience, it needs to adhere to any operator requirements and any mobile associations for that particular country.

What payment methods are available to my customers if they purchase content from my PC site or application?

Users can pay on their phone bill or by credit card. Depending on their payment history, we offer them the payment option that will have the highest conversion rate. This makes sure that the customer gets their content and you do not lose customers because of limited payment options.

Can I start mobile subscriptions directly from my PC site using Bango?

Absolutely! Simply log into the Bango Management tools and set up subscription pricing for your content (see the Subscription guide for more information on how to do this) and then use the Direct Billing API to collect payment from your user.

Bango manages all subscription renewals for your users and you can easily get real-time information about each of your subscribers through our Event Notification API.

What type of transactions, e.g subscriptions, one-time, timed access are available from my PC site?

There are a number of ways in which you can set up charges for content that you are selling directly from your PC site. You can choose one time payments, or have a timed access period available. Subscription based transactions are also available that can be set over various time periods. Simply set up the payment structure, pricing and timeframes where applicable in the Bango management tools and then use the Direct Billing API to collect payment from your PC site.

Because the Direct Billing API enables you to manage payment collection on-behalf of your customers, you are responsible for tracking any paid-for time or accesses remaining. This is unlike the browser-based payment experience where Bango manages this for you thanks to our direct interaction with your customers.

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