Bango tests Payforit 3.0 flows with positive results!

Bango has done extensive testing on the Payforit 3.0 payment pages and the results show that the new payment flow looks fantastic on smartphones, especially ones with touch screens, and over Wi-Fi connections.

Payforit 3.0 uses image buttons, instead of links, to direct users to pay for content and our testing shows that this improves conversion rates for content providers.

Some older phones showed lower conversion rates or problems using the new buttons. We detect these cases and use alternative screen layouts, styles and links. The optimum screen layout will always be shown, making sure there is nothing in the way of converting traffic into revenue.

Payforit 3.0 is Mandatory from May 31st 2010. If you are using Bango you are automatically compliant as your flows will be upgraded automatically.

Use Bango Analytics to measure the effectiveness of the Payforit payment flow, and let us know what you think.

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