Event Notification source information changes

On the 8th July 2010 we will be upgrading our Event notification service:

  • We now have XSD’s for the XML that we output from our event notification service.
  • We now tell you in real-time about payments that users make to you using a new ‘PAYMENT’ source.

Each batch will contain events of a single source, referencing an XSD unique to that source. A new ‘source’ element is being added to the root ‘bangoEvents’ element in the XML.

The good news is that if you are already using our Event Notification Service this change is completely backwards compatible, provided that you are using element names rather than element numbers when extracting data from the XML.

After the 8th July 2010 you can turn on the ‘PAYMENT’ source in the properties section of the management tools.

Please check out the Event Notification Service Integration Guide V1.6 for more details of the update or contact customer services for more information.

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