US carrier refund reports now available on

Bango are delighted to announce that we’ve introduced a new set of reports to the management tools on

These reports contain refund reporting data as supplied by AT&T and Sprint US and will be of particular interest for content providers offering services in the US. The reports will help you monitor your refund levels for each carrier so you can identify refund trends and spikes or activity.

refund reports on

Access to the reports is easy – simply log on to with your normal login credentials and go to the management tools. The new reports are located in the ‘Payment reports’ section and are very easy to find in the left hand menu.

Now just select the date range you’d like to view refund data for and you’ll have the option to export the data as an XML, CSV or Excel file.

Coming soon: we’re currently working on a refund report for T-Mobile US which we’ll publish in the same section on

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