Bango Analytics update

I am pleased to advise that the maintenance on the replication servers has now been completed and new hardware to boost capacity is available.

Over the last 24 hours we have transferred all collected data through the updated replication system and it is now being checked for consistency and integrity.

Subject to integrity being confirmed, we will start the transfer to the live reporting systems at around 18.00 UTC – 13.00 EST.

At that point you will start to see the gap between reporting time and real-time closing. We currently estimate that each day of data will take 12 hours to transfer,
meaning that by the end of Tuesday US time much of the weekend will be fully reportable.

Bango has a major systems upgrade scheduled for December/January which eliminates this replication bottleneck, by changing the technique we use to ensure we always have dual site hot-standby for collection.

Other than the drift from real-time, this does not affect payment processing, or the reporting, filtering or exporting of your data.

We will continue to keep you updated on the progress we are making and you can also view the progress in the footer of your Bango Analytics reports.

Elaine Bramley
SVP Customer service

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