Hardware and Software Upgrades in Bango DataCentres (May 2011)

Financial year end reporting for many of our customers, coupled with high analytics volumes from entertainmant and news sites due to recent events have driven up transaction volumes and reporting demands to record levels. We are completing our plans for a major scaling up of capacity this summer, but in advance of that, in anticipation of continued demand growth, our May upgrades include:
(1) A  400% increase increase in reporting server compute power
(2) Replacement of SSD drives in reporting and enrichment sytems by PCI-E SSD
(3) Improved and increased “pre-generation” of reports
(4) Software changes to accelerate reporting
(5) Supression of generation of unwanted reports

Improvements will be seen starting today, and during May, as the upgrades finish commissioning cycles and come on-line.

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