Analytics Update – Page Title Recording Improvements

On Thursday 12th May 2011 we’re updating the Bango Analytics system to move page title data into our fast access reporting database. We will also stop generating Bango numbers for each unique URL value.


How will this affect you?

You will not have to make any changes to the way in which your data is recorded; no changes need to be made to any Bango tracking code.

Your data will be in the same shape that it was before except each unique page title and URL combination will be recorded. All reports will be given the option to group by URL (just URL value) or by title (title and URL values).

Grouping by URL will result in your data looking just as it did before this change. Grouping by page title will give you extra rows when a date range is selected that spans across Thursday 12th May. This is not an indication of any problems with your data, it is just a side effect of the change.


New page title reporting filters

Due to the changes made to the way that url and page title are recorded, if you are reporting on a period after 12th May 2011 then you will need to use the new Pages filter. For reporting before that period you can continue to use the current Page title (number) filter. The new filter can be found in the site & content section of the filter builder bar.


Why is this change being made?

At Bango we are constantly striving to improve performance. This change will benefit you in two ways. Firstly it will greatly improve our recording speed allowing a higher throughput of data and an even better response time for our tracking pixel. Secondly it will speed up the reports (when viewed by page title or URL) as all of the data will reside in our faster reporting system.

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