UK – Payforit compliance important update

To improve the quality of Payforit services for compliance all new services and all existing services operating as UK Payforit services will be audited by Bango to make sure they are compliant with operator requirements to improve compliance. In addition all new services on O2 UK will require operator approval.

You need to make sure that you comply with the requirements of the Payforit framework and PhonePayPlus regulations. Bango manage the payment screens but there are some specific areas that are being raised as concerns from the UK operators.

These are:

Age Verification
If adult content is presented to the user before age verification then this will be considered a serious breach and your service will be immediately disabled.
This is a red card offence.

Telephone support must be manned during normal UK office hours (9am – 5pm), Monday-Friday_ and provide a message taking facility outside of these hours. Support requests by Consumers must be responded to within 1 business day and resolved within 2 business days.
If Bango compliance team is not satisfied either through audits or when talking to content provider that they are not able to provide this level of customer care then the content provider must use Bango’s customer care details or be disabled from PFI billing.
The phone number must be displayed in a recognisable format for example 0844 123124

Content descriptions
A number of services have failed auditing as they do not provide the user with enough information on the payment page of what the content they are purchasing is. The product / service description must in isolation be able to identify the product purchased. Generic terms such as “All access”, “unlimited access” and just title names of the content purchased is not sufficient.
For example if the user is purchase a video, or game the content description must highlight this. The content title can not exceed 40 characters in length.

Content download
You must make sure that the content is downloadable on the user device.

Merchant name
You must supply your merchant name. This is configurable in the Management Tools.

Merchant address
This must be your full trading address. This is configurable in the Management Tools.
If you have multiple sites running under one service package we strongly recommend that you separate into different packages so that each service can be monitored independently.

Please contact your account manager or the service desk if you have any questions regarding compliance.

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