Refund data from US carriers delayed – UPDATE


Refund data for Sprint are now fully posted and are reporting correctly in the Management Tools. All transactions not previously applied to refund reports have now been processed and are in the Sprint refund report.


(Note this issue is in addition to the “duplicate” refund issue of 4th November which is currently being investigated.)

Almost all refunds not previously applied are now posted and reporting correctly in the Management Tools.  This affected 1.18% of refund transactions for the last three months.  We still have a small number of
refunds to apply – representing 0.43% of refunds over the last three months.


We are currently working on T-Mobile refunds to allocate to the correct accounts, these represent 8.73% of refund transactions in the last three months.  We anticipate that these will be allocated by Monday 7th November and will be reporting on the Management Tools by Wednesday 9th November.

If you have any questions please contact your account manager.

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