Payforit 4 coming soon!

We are soon to launch Payforit version 4 for users and content providers on all UK networks.

For those who’ve not heard of Payforit before, it’s a scheme developed by the UK networks to provide a consistent standard for making mobile payments, with aim of improving consumer confidence. It supports interfaces for making one off, subscriptions, and charitable payments. The basic premise for Payforit is a set of UI and content guidelines which dictate how the payment experience should look and what details should be included. Below is an example of a Payforit version 3 payment screen.

And here is the same screen in a Payforit 4 guise, clearly a marked improvement, with a more modern UI, bigger ‘touch friendly’ buttons, better branding opportunities, and an improved footer.

Another notable change between version 3 and version 4 is ‘SMS receipts’. Now all successful transactions will receive an SMS detailing the transaction and customer care details of the content provider. The aim is to further increase end user confidence, and potentially reduce fraud / customer care issues in the future.

Payforit Single Click is still fully supported and is a great way to streamline the purchase process and maximize conversions. You can read more about Single click in our knowledgebase.

As a Bango content provider you won’t have to make any adjustments to your site or Bango package. The Payforit 4 styling will be applied automatically.

You can read more about Payforit from here –

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