O2UK Audit Standards Update

O2 have announced that a review of their audit standards is complete and they are now in-line with the PhonepayPlus 12th Code of Practice.

Amendments to the audit standards include the following:

  • O2 will no longer issue fines for Red or Yellow cards – Instead a Red Card will result in a 10 day service suspension, whilst a yellow card will require the identified issue to be corrected within 48hrs to prevent its escalation to a Red Card.
  • The requirement that pricing be 3 line breaks from the call to action will be replaced with flexibility to display the price proximate to the call to action.
  • Other forms of wording for subscription terms will now be permissible providing they respect the principles and clarity of the recommended text: “Join or Subscribe to [name of service and optional description – maximum of 35 characters] for [cost of service in £] per [billing frequency] [plus an initial charge of £x]. [Other relevant information and terms]”

We would like to take this opportunity to remind you that it is very important to ensure all your UK services are compliant and adhere to the PhonepayPlus code of practice and all premium rate service providers running services in the UK are also required to register with PhonepayPlus.

Kind regards,

Bango Customer Services

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