O2UK switches to Direct 2 Bill

O2 are changing their payment mechanism to Direct 2 Bill (D2B). On May 14th they will switch off Premium SMS and immediately switch on direct operator billing through Direct 2 Bill. This will not result in any period of outage.

Direct 2 Bill offers merchants many benefits over Premium SMS, including:

  • Far greater flexibility in price points, charge any amount from 1 pence to £30
  • Increased payout rates giving you a higher percentage of each transaction
  • Higher conversion rates, it’s quicker and easier for customers to pay

As the payment mechanism takes place in the background your customers will only notice a faster response time when paying.

O2 business users or customers connecting via MVNOs are unable to pay via Direct 2 Bill, these customers will automatically be offered alternate payment methods by Bango such as Credit Card.


Bango Customer Services

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