Improvements to out payment reports

At Bango we are continually refining the efficiency of our processes, to ensure transparency and maximize your earnings. We are moving from estimated earnings based on currency conversions at the time of purchase to more accurate settlement invoices based on actual currency conversion rates used once payments have been received from each of our operator billing partners. This removes exchange rate estimates in the money flow and accurately reflects the settlement from our billing partners.

Going forward we will provide indicative earnings reports that show all your transactions in local currency, after the month end. This report will give you a guide to your final payment using the exchange rates in effect at the time you access your report. A table of rates will be made available at all times for your convenience. The final amount transferred to you will be reported separately on a settlement invoice which will be sent out to you a week before the normal settlement date. This amount will be calculated using the exchange rate in effect at the date of invoice. There will be no change to the usual payment dates.

We are also working on further developments to give you greater clarity on your payment flow. This includes more flexibility in out payment currencies and minimum payment thresholds. More information on this will follow.


Bango Customer Services

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